Honesty, selection, satisfaction
Honesty, selection, satisfaction


Pergolas, Harrisburg, PAHere at Earthtones Hardscape we sometimes get request for Pergolas or structures that get put into their own categories such as Gazebos, Pavillions, or even small roof attachments. These structures are not all built for shade, they provide character and style and functionality to your outdoor spaces. The importance of these structures are a reflection many times of your vision and idea. From providing a centerpiece to your area or a quaint shaded space to relax from the sun, these structures are as important as the outdoor living space you are striving for in your project. We will provide you with options and work closely with some of the finest companies in the area.

As a leading provider of custom pergola solutions in the New Cumberland, PA, area, we at Earth Tones Hardscape LLC understand how profoundly these captivating structures can affect your backyard's ambiance and functionality.

Types of Pergolas We Provide

Our skilled designers and craftsmen collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. They carefully consider your property's unique characteristics and specific design preferences. As mentioned, we can install a classic, timber-framed pergola that becomes a stunning focal point for your patio.

Some clients prefer sleek, modern aluminum structures to accentuate their contemporary landscape. We have the expertise to deliver a solution that works best for your existing outdoor aesthetic. We are committed to providing our clients quality and carefully selecting high-quality materials.

We can build pergolas using Western Red Cedar, Redwood, and powder-coated aluminum to ensure your investment's structural integrity and longevity. These materials are incredibly durable and have a natural, timeless beauty that uplifts your outdoor living space’s beauty for years.

At Earth Tones Hardscape LLC, we understand that all outdoor living spaces are different. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of pergola solutions, allowing us to cater to our clients' unique needs and preferences in New Cumberland, PA.

Standalone and Attached Pergolas

Our standalone designs provide a versatile and visually captivating focal point if you want a striking, freestanding pergola to anchor your patio or deck. We can tailor these structures using various materials, finishes, and added features to complement the architecture and style of your home.

On the other hand, if you want to add a pergola to your existing landscape, our attached designs provide the best solution. We incorporate these structures carefully into your home's framework, creating a cohesive and harmonious outdoor oasis that enhances your property’s overall aesthetic.

Customized Pergola Solutions

We also offer various customization options to tailor your pergola to your unique needs, such as:

  • Retractable canopies
  • Built-in lighting systems
  • Decorative latticework
  • Climbing vine supports

With our customized approach, your pergola becomes more than a basic shade structure and becomes an architectural masterpiece. However, our services extend beyond basic design and installation. We recognize that your pergola's long-term enjoyment and preservation are equally important. It’s why we provide comprehensive guidance on properly maintaining and caring for your structure, empowering you to keep it looking its best for decades.

We combine our design expertise, detailing, and commitment to customer satisfaction and work hard to add comfort, style, and functionality to your backyard. For details about our pergolas, call Earth Tones Hardscape LLC on 717-307-7443 or 717-932-5577. If you prefer to write to us, use this Online Form, and one of our experts will contact you to understand your pergola requirements and provide suitable solutions.

Service fee applies

Areas we service:

Anything outside of 20-25 miles radius from us (New Cumberland) will result in a refundable $50 travel fee, which will be applied to your project, if you decide to move forward with us.

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